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Amino Acids Urine Test – For Amino Acid Imbalances

Amino acids play a vital role in our body and brain chemistry. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins which are needed by every cell and organ system. One area that is particularly dependent on optimal amino acids is the brain. The various neurochemicals, aka. neurotransmitters, in the brain are made up of certain amino acids.

The Amino Acid Urine Test is a useful way of assessing for amino acid status – either for deficiency or excess. The Amino Acid Urine Test is felt to give a more accurate assessment of total body storage of amino acids overtime versus blood testing which can easily be manipulated by diet, supplementation or starvation.

The Amino Acid Urine Test evaluates for essential (amino acids that need to be obtained from the diet) and non-essential (amino acids that can be created within the body). Also, various categories for digestive and absorption problems, nutrient deficiencies, and more is analyzed from the Amino Acid Urine Test.

Certain amino acids like Methionine, Cysteine, and Taurine, which are all sulfur containing amino acids, are often found deficient in certain mental health disorders, as well as autism. Autism-spectrum children seem to have a hard time holding on to taurine which is needed to maintain magnesium levels in the brain and provide substrate for the production of bile acids to help with fatty acid vitamin absorption. Other amino acid deficiencies are also seen through Amino Acid Urine Testing.

The Amino Acid Urine Test should be considered for anyone wanting to know the overall status of amino acids in the body, as well as those with fatigue, memory problems, neurological conditions, autism, anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges.