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Porphyrins Profile – For Porphyrins Analysis

The Porphyrin Profile Test is an important test with respects to overall heavy metal assessment. Used along with a Hair Analysis, aka. Hair Toxic Metals and Elements it provides detailed information about the toxicity at the cellular level with respects to heavy metals such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, etc. The Porphyrin Profile Test is a urine test that is collected at home. Each porphyrin on the Porphyrin Profile when elevated is suggestive of some type of environment insult effecting its production. The porphyrins in general are very sensitive to the presence of heavy metals.

Porphyrins are a chain biochemical reaction that occurs in the mitochondria of the cells. They produce a chemical called Heme which is used by the body to produce hemoglobin to carry oxygen. Heme is also used by the liver to aide in detoxification, and heme is also used in the brain to help remove toxins like mercury. Through the Porphyrin Profile Test you are able to assess whether one or a group of porphyrins are elevated which can indicate a toxic load of heavy metals in the cells.

A normal Porphyrin Profile Test doesn’t necessarily rule out the presence of heavy metals (which can then be cross checked with the Hair Analysis), but it helps to show that major toxicity is not likely occurring at the cellular level.

The Porphyrin Profile Test is a useful way to monitor heavy metal detoxification therapy overtime as well, particularly if an initial Porphyrin Profile Test was positive. Therefore, the Porphyrin Profile Test should be considered a baseline test, along with a Hair Analysis to check for cellular reactions to heavy metals, and determine the extent of toxicity that may be occurring.