CardioMetabolic Profile



Cardiovascular disease is a major problem for millions of people worldwide. The causes of cardiovascular disease are many, but in the vast majority of causes cholesterol imbalances, along with blood sugar problems, and inflammation top the list. The CardioMetabolic Profile done through a blood spot (finger prick) is an accurate and convenient way of assessing for specific factors related to cardiovascular health. This profile includes a complete lipid panel of LDL, HDL, VLDL, Triglycerides, and Total Cholesterol, along with an inflammatory marker called C-Reactive Protein, and two identifiers of blood sugar problems – fasting insulin and hemoglobin A1c. This profile is also useful for the assessment of blood sugar related problems, i.e. diabetes and metabolic syndrome X.


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NOTE: This test is not available to residents of New York or Maryland. Any orders originating from these states will automatically be canceled. Any samples originating from these states will be discarded.

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