Metabolic Assessment Profile (#101)


This profile analyzes for Indican (a toxin from inefficient protein digestion often brought about from intestinal infections such as H. pylori), Lipid Peroxides (a marker to indicate oxidative stress in the body often brought about by chronic stress), and Urinary Bile Acid Sulfate (a marker that identifies liver detoxification problems). This test is useful for anyone wanting to assess their body’s metabolism with respects to protein digestion, liver function, and oxidative stress. Doctors often use this profile, along with the Functional Adrenal Stress Profile (#201 or #205), as a general screen for metabolism problems.

What is Tested?
-Urinary bile acids
-Lipid peroxides


The Metabolic Assessment Profile (BHD #101, Urine) is a convenient and cost-effective screen of 3 of the body’s most fundamental functional systems: detoxification, digestion, and antioxidant capacity. The profile provides valuable data that can guide in the management of disorders related to chronic stress. It measures common impacts and sources of dysfunction, contributing to the investigation of a myriad of health complaints.


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NOTE: This test is not available to residents of New York, Rhode Island or Maryland. Any orders originating from these states will automatically be canceled. Any samples originating from these states will be discarded.

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