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Yeast Infections

Yeast infections can manifest in many different ways. A common manifestation of yeast infections is vaginal yeast infections that plague millions of women throughout the world. The dry, inflamed, and itchy vaginal tissue becomes irritated by the presence of certain yeast that reside in the pelvic region. When host immunity is compromised, especially locally in […]

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Urinary Peptides Test Video

Order The Urinary Peptides Test Here. Urinary Peptides Test Gluten and casein can both cause allergic reactions for many people. This often manifests as digestive pain, bowel changes, gas, and bloating. In extreme circumstances skin rashes can appear or other systemic problems, i.e. headaches, sleeping problems. However, the chemical reactions to gluten and casein often […]

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Food IgG Test Video Image

Food IgG Test Video

Get The Food IgG Test Here. Food IgG Test – For Food Sensitivity Food sensitivities generally involve a number of antibodies (aka. immunoglobulins), but the most prevalent one is called IgG. There are 4 different types of IgG – 1 thru 4. Each plays a different role in the immune system, but as a group […]

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Porphyrins Profile Test Video

Get The Porphyrins Profile Test Here. Porphyrins Profile – For Porphyrins Analysis The Porphyrin Profile Test is an important test with respects to overall heavy metal assessment. Used along with a Hair Analysis, aka. Hair Toxic Metals and Elements it provides detailed information about the toxicity at the cellular level with respects to heavy metals […]

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Organic Acid Test Video – OAT Test

Order The Organic Acid Test Here. Urine Organic Acid Test 10 Reasons Every Individual Should Do a Urine Organic Acid Test From Great Plains Laboratory The Organic Acid Test evaluates for various fungal toxins, including specific markers for candida. Many people rely on stool testing for candida diagnosis and miss the presence of candida toxins […]

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Amino Acids Urine Tests Video Image

Amino Acids Urine Test Video

Order The Amino Acids Urine Test Here. Amino Acids Urine Test – For Amino Acid Imbalances Amino acids play a vital role in our body and brain chemistry. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins which are needed by every cell and organ system. One area that is particularly dependent on optimal amino acids […]

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