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Urine Essential Elements Test

Urine testing can be a useful way of assessing mineral levels. The Urine Essential Elements Test, aka. urine minerals is a diagnostic assessment of minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, selenium, etc. Measuring these elements in the urine is a quick and easy way of assessing for potential excess or deficiency of minerals.

Urine Essential Elements, aka. urine mineral testing analyzes various minerals as mentioned above. If taking mineral supplements the values may be normal or elevated depending on how much is being taken. However, if taking mineral supplements and the test shows low values it either indicates a potential digestive absorption issue or under-dosing of minerals. Overall, the Urine Essential Elements test is useful as a way to assess total body mineral levels without having to do blood testing. It is also recommended to do the Hair Elements, aka. Hair Analysis test as well to get further evaluation for these various essential elements.

Urine Essential Elements, aka. urine mineral testing may show high mineral levels if minerals are being excreted from the body abnormally. This may indicate a resorption problem from kidneys where certain minerals are not being taken back up into the body after being filtered by the kidneys. This type of analysis would only be accurate if no mineral supplements were being consumed at the time of testing.

The Urine Essential Elements Test, aka. urine mineral test should be considered as an essential test to assess for overall mineral levels or deficiencies of certain minerals for body health assessment.