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Urine Toxic & Essential Elements Test

Urine testing can be a useful way of assessing mineral levels and heavy metal exposure. The Urine Toxic and Essential Elements Test, aka. urine metals and minerals is a diagnostic assessment of minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, selenium, etc. as well as various heavy metals such as aluminum, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. Measuring these elements in the urine is a quick and easy way of assessing for potential excess or deficiency of minerals and current exposure to heavy metals. The Urine Toxic and Essential Elements Test is broken down into two sections.

Urine Toxic Elements, aka. urine metals or heavy metals – this section analyzes for heavy metal exposure. In the vast majority of cases if heavy metal exposure is chronic in nature (for example, happen months prior) there may not be a high elevation seen on the urine test. In these circumstances it is also a good idea to do the Hair Elements, aka. Hair Analysis. The Urine Toxic analysis is best for recent exposure or if actively doing heavy metal detoxification to evaluate the excretion of heavy metals from the body.

Urine Essential Elements, aka. urine minerals – this section analyzes various minerals as mentioned above. It taking mineral supplements the values will generally be normal or elevated. However, if taking minerals and the test shows low values it either indicates a potential digestive absorption issue or under-dosing of minerals. Overall, the Urine Essential Elements test is useful as a way to assess total body mineral levels without having to do blood testing. It is also recommended to do the Hair Elements, aka. Hair Analysis as well to get further evaluation for these various elements.