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Vitamin D Test – For Vitamin D Deficiency

The Vitamin D Test is an important assessment of vitamin D status in the body. Vitamin D plays a critical role in immune system health, as well as regulation of calcium for bone growth and other body systems. The Vitamin D Test is an easy to do test at home via a finger prick that is convenient, accurate, and non-painful. The Vitamin D Test is particularly useful for young children because a blood draw for vitamin D levels is not necessary. Through Vitamin D Testing you can easily obtain accurate information to help guide vitamin D supplementation to make sure you or your child is achieving optimal levels.

Vitamin D has long been thought to primarily support bone health through calcium absorption. What has now been discovered is that vitamin D is critically important for the brain and nervous system and deficiencies of vitamin D increase the risk for a wide variety of illnesses.

Multiple Sclerosis is one such chronic neuro-degenerative disease that is linked to Vitamin D deficiency. One interesting correlation is that Multiple Sclerosis levels worldwide increase significantly the further people live away from the equator. Research has shown that many individuals with Multiple Sclerosis who do repeated Vitamin D Testing, and supplement accordingly with Vitamin D see great improvement in their condition.

Autism is another disorder linked to Vitamin D deficiency. In fact, the lower levels of Vitamin D in pregnancy, the increase risk there is for autism in an offspring. This is not to state that Vitamin D deficiency is the only contributing factor to autism, but it does seem to play a role in some.

Vitamin D Testing is also important to make sure there is not an excess of vitamin D. To much vitamin D can be harmful as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to do Vitamin D Testing multiple times throughout the year to monitor your vitamin D levels.