Already Have A Lab Test Done & Just Need A Doctor’s Review?

If you already have lab test results from one of the labs listed on this website, but don’t have a medical professional to interpret them for you, we can help!  Simply select the name of the test results you already have from the list below, check out through the system, then email us the results to this email address (pdf format required).

Once payment and your lab test results are received, your labs will be sent to our doctors for review.  Turnaround time for written lab reviews through this service is 3 to 5 business days.

NOTE: If you have a lab test result (either for yourself or your child) and you do not see that lab test listed below, please contact us for a personalized lab test review fee quote.

Review Only Fee $35

Porphyrin Analysis (Mosaic Laboratory, MetaMetrix/Genova)


Review Only Fee $45

Food IgG Panel (Mosaic Laboratory, MetaMetrix/Genova, US Biotek)


Urine Metals (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory)


Urine Essential Elements (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory)


Urine Essential Elements + Urine Metals (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory)


Fecal Metals (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory)


Red Blood Cell Metals (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory)


Review Only Fee $55

Microbial Organic Acids Test (Mosaic Laboratory)


Glyphosate Test (Mosaic Laboratory)


Hair Analysis (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory)


Environmental Pollutants Profile (UK Biotek)


Functional Adrenal Stress Profile – cortisol + DHEA (ZRT, Labrix)


Review Only Fee $95

Organic Acids Test (Mosaic Laboratory, MetaMetrix/Genova)


Myco-TOX Test (Mosaic Laboratory)


Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory, MetaMetrix/Genova)


Amino Acids Panel – urine or blood (Doctors Data, Mosaic Laboratory, MetaMetrix/Genova)


Functional Adrenal Stress Profile (cortisol/DHEA) + Sex Hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) (ZRT, Labrix)


Review Only Fee $125

ION Profile (MetaMetrix/Genova)