Environmental Toxins

environmental toxins

Environmental toxins whether through chemical exposure from factories or car emissions, household goods such as cleaning products, cosmetic applications, or heavy metals from various sources such as fish are all risk factors for health issues. There is an abundant amount of research that links environment toxicity to a myriad of chronic health disorders from chronic fatigue, mental health challenges, autism, immune deficiencies, hormone disorders, as well as heart, metabolic, and neurological diseases.

Mercury and lead toxicity have been known for years to be associated with brain and nervous system diseases. Mercury is destructive to nerve cells and if severe enough can cause psychosis, dementia, and autism-like characteristics. Lead toxicity is a serious and well documented problem. Children exposed to chronic low levels of lead are at risk for school performance problems, behavioral issues, and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. However, the problem with environmental toxicity doesn’t just involve heavy metal toxins. Chemicals such as parabens (used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products), bisphenol A (used in plastics), and phthalates are just a short list of toxic chemicals that many of us are exposed to on a daily basis in our homes, schools, and offices.

Phthalates are one example of a chemical many people are exposed to in varying amounts daily. Phthalates are known as plasticizers. They are a group of chemicals used in plastics to make things more flexible. They are also used as solvents in other material. Many soaps, cosmetics, lotions, and shampoos have phthalates in them.

Determining the levels of these toxic chemicals can provide insights into environmental exposure and steps you can take to improve your overall health. In addition, performing heavy metal testing whether through hair, urine, and/or stool helps to identify the levels of toxic heavy metals that can contribute to a number of health issues as well.

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